Trending: Growing Up With Brown Skin

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I, Black. I, Brown. I, Colored.

“They” may view us as inferior, uneducated and hopped up on fried chicken, the ganja, and watermelon, but there’s a rich history and radiant beauty that comes along with Brown skin that exceeds the negative and defies stereotypes.

Thanks to @TheMelaninPlug, social media is weighing in on the pros, adverse perceptions and bomb ish that comes along with #GrowingUpWithBrownSkin.

Check out the commentary below.

While the delicacies taste great, there’s more to Black folks than fried chicken and watermelon! C‘mon with the stereotypes, grape soda and a 4-piece fried hard is not EVERY Black person’s thing. For example, I actually prefer cantaloupe and mango over watermelon and Welch’s grape juice over soda…see. πŸ™‚

Don’t knock the educated. The beautiful thing about growing up with brown skin is the complexities of being. We can kick it on the block playing the dozens, and still turn around and hip you to the historical context of current events across topics from science to the latest in pop culture.

And to bring this one on home, just check this latest report on Black women.

Teach them young how to navigate a universe that will judge before getting to know.

That #BrownSkinMagic. Pow!

Yassss! Clap it for the one time.

How beautiful is melanin? Cocoa butter smooth skin, colorful personality and a mentality that can out hustle your latest move, #GrowingUpWithBrownSkin, even when the fight for opportunity, respect and equality is a daily battle, is a treasure.