Watch: The Explosive ‘Training Day’ Trailer

“If you get in the car with Rourke things will never be the same again.”

Perhaps, officer Kyle Craig should have taken heed to his fellow officer’s advice. But when you’re a rookie aching for the big leagues, you’re bound to take risks.

That’s just what we see in the first look trailer of the Training Day TV series.

Based on Antoine Fuqua’s 2001 film, the series stars Justin Cornwell as “Officer Craig” and Bill Paxton as “Officer Frank Rourke.”

The series, which picks up 15 years after the film, centers on an idealistic young officer (Craig) who was recently appointed to an elite LAPD squad. He ends up being partnered with the seasoned but morally questionable Rourke (Paxton).

In this case, the trainee is Black and the wild card vet is White—a twist from the original film. Soon enough, Officer Craig learns that his training day will be one for the books after Rourke explains the experience as “trial by fire.”

The action and heat is on and it’s going to certainly be a wild ride that leaves us asking will the trainer become the trainee? Check out the lengthy trailer below.