‘Unbreak My Heart’ Star Cast In ‘Training Day’

Want to see more from the actress, Lex Scott Davis, who portrayed Toni Braxton in the Unbreak My Heart Lifetime biopic? You’ll get your chance, because she has just been tapped for the upcoming Training Day pilot.

The CBS series is based on the Antoine Fuqua flick of the same name, and will pick things up 15 years later, where we will find a young African-American officer, Kyle Craig, dealing with his new partner assignment with a much more seasoned cop.

According to Deadline, Davis will play Craig’s wife, Alyse Arrendondo, a history teacher who adores her husband.

While she won’t be joined by the film’s original star Denzel Washington, Bill Paxton, who will play the veteran policeman, will share the camera with her.

Stay tuned for more announcements.