Tough Love: Reality TV’s Wildest Mothers

Mothers can be the most loving creatures on the planet, they but don’t have any problem whipping us into shape when we need it. Add reality television into the mix and you never know what personality-type might surface.  But one’s things for sure, these ladies have no problem defending their territory.

Before you celebrate the strong woman in your life on Sunday, check out our gallery of reality television’s wildest mothers for a few chuckles.

Momma Dee

Momma Dee

Behind the Prince of the South is a queen who rules with an iron fist. Momma Dee was the master manipulator on the inaugural season of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta and she wasn’t afraid to show it. From encouraging Scrappy to cheat on his former fiancée to her rudeness towards her granddaughter’s mother, Erica, Momma Dee needs to have several seats.

frankie lyon

Frankie Lyons

You already know. But, seriously not only did Keyshia Cole’s mother come with a lot of baggage already, she made her daughter’s life a lot more hectic with her outlandish behavior and her jealousy over Keyshia’s relationship with her adopted mother.

mama joyce

Mama Joyce

She started off as a sweetheart, but this season of Real Housewives of Atlanta proved Mama Joyce was far from an angel. We understand any mother might be concerned about their child’s significant other but Mama Joyce took it to a whole other level right down to day of Kandi’s wedding. Having hissed that Todd is an opportunist and even turning up as Kandi tried on wedding gowns, this no-messing around mom reportedly plans on penning a book about the wedding ordeal. Le sigh.

jackie christie

Jackie Christie

The HBIC of Basketball Wives L.A., Jackie received a major side eye when she appeared to believe cast mate Draya over allegations of  her daughter Chantel, who said he was seeing Draya boo, Orlando Scandrick of the Cowboys. Even though Chantel admitted to making the story up last month, that’s still sad on Jackie’s part.


Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust

She released her own sex tape  with absolutely no regard (that we can see, anyway) for her daughter.  But when Steebie J mentioned a change in custody, that face-mushing Mimi came right for him.  She’s still a tigress when it comes to Eva.