Is Toronto Now a No “Meek Mill” Zone?

The verbal-lyrical battle between Meek Mill and Drake has Toronto Councilor, Norm Kelly feeling some type of way.

Over the past few weeks, Meek and girlfriend Nicki Minaj have found themselves in 140-character twitter spats with other artists with Nicki’s most recent exchange being with Taylor Swift and now Meek’s ghostwriting drama is going down with none other than his lady’s label mate, Drake.

Meek, who is known for speaking his mind by any means, called out the Toronto-bred rapper for failing to write his own verse on his latest project, Dreams Worth More than Money. Get a summary of the current one-sided argument, below.

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Now, one of the cardinal sins in hip-hop/rap is not writing your own lyrics. However, it is public knowledge that some artists use “ghost writers” to help paint the picture. For some, it’s cool and for others it’s an indefinite no-no. Does it lessen credibility? Depends on who you ask.

With the lyrical war brewing between Meek and Drake, there’s another layer added to the equation…Nicki Minaj. Drizzy and Nicki have gone on record claiming their “fam love” for each other. But with her current love interest blasting the homie, this could also burn a bridge between the two friends.

And we’ve all seen the way Nicki and Meek support each other – career wise and when it comes to clapping back at folks. The hip-hop couple is scheduled to perform in Toronto as part of Nicki’s Pink Print Tour, next week.

Drake has yet to respond.