Top 10 Struggle Artists of All Time

Love is indeed a roller coaster. We’ve all experienced its ups and downs.

When our emotions hit the bottom of the ride, we have to wait patiently as the cart inches back to the top.

And although the ascent is slow, there are a handful of soulful singers we can always depend on to meet us in our misery – struggle artists.

These select group of vocalists are known for their gut-wrenching singles full of teardrops and broken promises.

Even when they create melodies for happier times, their sadder tunes prevail over any club record added to their catalog.

Click through our gallery and find out which ten artists made our list as we pair their struggle anthem to some of the most common heartbreaking situations. Then add your own write-ins for struggle sirens in comments or talk to us on social media via @getjetmag.

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