Happy Headline: Toni Braxton’s Son Beats Autism

Toni Braxton-son-no-autism

Toni Braxton is a seven time Grammy winner and star of Braxton Family Values, but one role she’s always held in high regards is her role as a Mom.

The mother of two visited Access Hollywood Live to talk about her upcoming tour and her personal life but it was news about her youngest son Diesel that gave us our good news of the day.

An advocate for Autism Speaks, the star has been a crusader for the condition since her son’s diagnosis. She tells the Access Hollywood crew that things have changed for the better:

“No signs of autism. No signs. He’s our social butterfly – he’s the one that plays with friends and hangs out all the time, very very fortunate. And I don’t like to think there’s anything wrong with our babies, I just think they learn differently. And he’s doing wonderful, I’m pretty proud of him.”

Her interview also showed the importance of getting treatment as soon as you can and having a great support system when it comes to your child’s health:

“I’m one of the lucky parents, early diagnosis changes everything. My son Diesel was off the spectrum being autistic. Susan Wright – who unfortunately just passed away – from Autism Speaks, when she found out about my son and I, she called me immediately, she told me [to] get him in this program, do this do that. She’s been [an] advocate and helping me so much, I miss her already – I can’t believe she’s gone. Our lives have changed.”

Catch the full interview with Toni Braxton and Access Hollywood here.