Whoop! Tomi Lahren Tried to Diss Wale and Failed

When stepping into a lyricist’s arena, it’s best to come with your proper game of metaphors and digs.

Apparently, Tomi Lahren didn’t get that memo when she decided to clap back at rapper Wale for name dropping her in his single, Smile.

The lines:
The alt-rights hate us
Some back baby mommas hate us
We only learn half of the drama, other side crazy
On behalf of Charlamagne I’m sure he ain’t trading sides
Maybe I should meet Tammy Lahren, I’ll Lauryn Hill her
Trainor, she miseducated anyway
Prolly hate the color of my face

We guess Lahren had time on her hands and really paid attention to the lyrics to catch the reference because she went straight to Twitter and TRIED her hand at shading Wale. Here’s how the exchange went down and then down hill.

And get ready to face palm yourself for what came next…

Of course tweets never sleep and proceeded to slide Lahren a few seats for her to sit down and be quiet.