Today in WTF News: Kanye West Performs in Strait Jacket

By//Jessica Paris

Now this right here deserves a “Kanye shrug” for real.

We don’t know what has gotten into Kanye West here lately, but in his recent performances he’s been looking like he just walked out of a horror movie and onto the stage.  Last night in Abu Dhabi, he stepped to the mic in front of a crowd of people, donning a white strait jacket and a creepy mask to perform some of his hits from 808’s and Heartbreaks. Back in December, he had people scratching their heads again when he came out in Atlantic City dressed like mix between the Abominable Snow Man and a yeti. O_0

Kanye collage

Now we know Yeezy is anything but conservative when it comes to his style. This is the guy who rocks leather kilts in the summer time and at one point, wore women’s blouses, like they were going out of style. So this “playing dress up” phase isn’t a total shocker. However, it does raise some questions and some brows. Is this a new fashion statement? Is there a hidden message? Does this mean a new album? Ye, what are you tryna tell us?

Well, one thing’s for sure. Dude knows how to keep people talking.

In the meantime, we’re just gonna sit back and let Kanye continue to live out his “beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy” while the rest of us catch up.

Check out footage from Ye’s ‘interesting’ performance last night below.