TLC’s T-Boz is Creating a New Girl Group

Tionne “T’-Boz” Watkins is passing on her pearls of wisdom to a new girl group with TBozProjectNext. 

The TLC singer is inviting girls, aged 18 to 24, to submit a 3-minute video showcasing their musical talents for a chance at a slot in her new superstar girl group.

“What I’m looking for is true raw talent…I think what’s lacking right now is artist development. A lot of the shows that we have out right now will take people, showcase their talent, but they never really take the time to teach them raw artist development,” she told The Grio.

The “What About Your Friends” singer is taking on this project with her brother and their company iCraftMusicGroup.

Although fellow band member Chili will not be involved, T-Boz said her ideas are certainly welcome.

“If she wants to come and join or if she wants to add input that’s totally fine with me. But this is actually my team,” she explained.

Watch the promo video the star posted on her Instagram page, and read the full story here.