Saving Tips from the McGhees

Most parents fear having twins the first time around. The McGhees had six.

But Mia and Rozonno McGhee have found that optimism is the best way to handle the abundance of everything — love, stress, bills and more— that accompanies parenting sextuplets (Rozonno Jr., Josiah, Elijah, Issac, Madison and Olivia). Each week, fans get watch the couple manage the actualization of the old-school mantra, “to whom much is given, much is required,” as they hustle to keep the 3-year-olds in check.

“The kids have alliances and they try to gang up on us,” says Rozonno Sr.

His wife quickly adds: “You will see Josiah is the fire-starter. He starts all of the riots in the house. Whenever he wants something, he yells because he knows that leads to the trickle down effect. Sometimes I cave in. But when my husband is here, I feel like I can stand my ground a little more. That way we can tag team them with a solid, NO.”

There is one thing the McGhees won’t compromise on: bargain shopping.

With a family of eight, the small business owners are always on the hunt for savings, even though their cleaning business is booming. JET asked the parents to give tips on how everyone can become savvy savers.

1. Buy in Bulk. “I try to load up on things I know we need,” says Mia. “I take inventory and always make a list before I go to the store.”

2. Use Layaway. The parents use the tried-and-true method to ensure their kids step in style. “If there is a sale, I will put it in on layaway so that I can keep the price,” the busy mom shares.

3. Research Store Discounts. “I found out that many baby stores give you a discount for multiples,” Mia says. “So I shop at as many of those places as possible since I have to buy six of everything.”

4. Think Free. When it comes to down time, money still matters.”We utilize a lot of parks and set up play dates in areas with free activities,” she adds. “At home, we get crayons and set up project stations and will draw with them.”

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