Tiny Addresses T.I.’s Sexist Comments

What rapper T.I. expressed on the subject of a woman running the White House just added to the circulating thoughts that he has misogynistic characteristics and depend on women to “need” him.

Sure, he apologized and stated he was joking. But apologies have become so calculated.

T.I.’s wife Tiny weighed in on her husbands remarks, which can be viewed in the video below.

We can respect Tiny standing behind T.I. as she is his wife and mother of his kids.

However, within Tiny’s defense of her husband’s perspective, she also pointed out that he is sexist at times, but feel it’s because he has a “take care of women, chivalry-type” mentality.

Note, she does state that the comments made were not “tasteful.”

Will this bruise T.I.’s brand and business? Sound off in the comments!