Tiny Accidentally Reveals Sex of Tamar’s Baby

By//Jessica Paris

If Tamar Braxton was planning on revealing the sex of her unborn baby on her own time, she can forget it because her BFF Tiny Harris has already beat her to the punch. In a sitdown interview with Hip Hollywood, Tiny was gushing over the baby when she slipped up and said that Tamar was having a little boy:

“I know everything about this baby. And I know…I was gonna say what it was. I know the baby’s name,” she said. “Of course I know what it is, and I’ve seen HIS little face. She has a 4D picture…Oh.”

Oops! The look on her face was priceless too. Check it out:

After watching clip from the interview, I don’t know what’s more hilarious…Tiny’s plan to not reveal the sex backfiring, her reaction when she realized what she said, or her team in the background laughing at the whole thing. What makes it worse is that Tamar was so keen keeping the gender a secret, that she told PEOPLE Magazine that she’s not even telling her sisters the sex of the baby because she knows they’d tell everyone. So for Tiny to be one of the very few people that knew that tea and to spill it…all we can say is “Damn Gina!”

Here’s to hoping Tamar didn’t throw a diva fit on the other end of the phone when Tiny told her what happened. After all, you can clearly see it was an honest mistake and that she felt really bad about letting the cat out of the bag.

On the bright side, Tamar’s having a boy and we can all rest knowing that there won’t be a ‘Ms.DotCom’ #2 walking around telling people to “get their lives” and “have several seats,” at least for now.

The world isn’t ready for that yet.