Timbaland Talks “Empire’ Music With Steve Harvey

Timbaland is stepping out from behind the scenes and hitting the couch with Steve Harvey to dish on the success of “Empire”, what keeps him grounded, and his memoir, “The Emperor of Sound.”

The title of his book, yep, pretty accurate.

Hitting the scene heavy in 1990 with production partner, Missy Elliott, Timbo’s credentials run steep.

With over a decade in the game, the rapper, songwriter and producer is a four-time Grammy Award winner with a catalogue of hits ranging from artists such as Nelly Furtado, One Republic and Justin Timberlake to Beyoncé, Jay-Z and J.Cole.

He married his genius of music to TV when he signed on as an executive producer of the hit series, Empire and curated a production team that fuels each episode with memorable rhythms and trendy hooks.

In a candid one-on-one with The Steve Harvey Show, the low-key producer takes a minute to shine as he let’s viewers into Tim’s world of music and sound.

Check out the clip teases below!

Timbaland on Empire’s music and possible guest appearance:

Timbaland shocks the crowd with his answer to this question from Steve:

*Photo: Deanna McElroy/NBC.

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