Timbaland Responds to Flint Charity Controversy

Timbaland is currently on grind mode promoting his latest album, King Stays King in addition to his memoir, The Emperor of Music. However, as he kicked off his tour, the VA-bred producer was hit with a load of drama.

Tim and crew were scheduled to perform at Detroit’s Club Bleu on Thursday. The event was a charitable effort to benefit the families of Flint, MI who have been affected by the recent water crisis. Tim was present. Unfortunately, as the story goes, he was too drunk to perform, fell asleep and when he awoke, kept the DJ booth company and nodded his head throughout the night.

In addition, reports state that he refused to perform because the club doesn’t sell bottles of Jay-Z’s luxurious Ace of Spades champagne.

After receiving backlash across social media, Timbaland addressed the situation and denied the reported scenario.

“People we [have] to be smarter [and] stop believing what you hear believe and what no get facts 1st,” he wrote in response to a comment left on his Instagram.

In another response, he apologized stating, “I’m the realest and don’t let people down. I’m here to uplift not disappoint, so I’m sorry for the confusion.”

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Despite the alleged drama, the event went on to raise $3,000 to buy bottles of water and filters for Flint residents.

The city is still facing a major crisis, so let’s keep that in perspective and continue to support any way possible.