TIDAL A Digital Fail?

The marketing movement and promotion may have been executed better than the actual product when it comes to Jay-Z’s TIDAL streaming service, that debuted in March.

When word of Jay-Z’s buy and Beyoncé’s co-sign made headline waves, the intrigue popped and of course, music and tech-progressive lovers wanted to understand the process in full. The message was that TIDAL offered better deals for musicians while its competitors, Spotify and Pandora pay only a small amount to artists.

In turn, pity fell on the artists and the asking was that consumers – the average worker-bee – pay a monthly charge to better the situation. The trade-off? More content from artists you love, while the coins enter their bank accounts. Hence, the reason it was imperative for Jay to lock down artists such as his wife, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Kanye West, Chris Martin and Madonna, to name an important few.

However, the message and focus actually fueled more attention to TIDAL’s major competitors – a natural reaction. Not to mention, within weeks of its launching, the streaming service’s CEO got the boot and the team welcomed Peter Tonstand, a former consultant for the Norwegian Ministry of Environment, to proceed with CEO duties.

With TIDAL’s app decreasing in numbers – crashing out of the top 700, according to – and its rivals surging to gain positions in the top 10, TIDAL has a new wave of restructuring and packaging on its hands.

TIDAL user or not, did you see this coming? If you do use the service, share your experience in the comments!