Tia Tastes Her Sister Tamera’s Placenta

By//Jessica Paris

We’ve always known Tia and Tamera to be close. But this gives “close” a whole new meaning. Let’s just say, these twins share a lot more than a birthday.
Last night on the season finale of their self-titled Style Network reality TV show, the world watched as Tia tasted her sister Tamera’s placenta–yes, the stuff that comes out after childbirth! Here’s how it went down. Tamera, who had recently given birth to her baby boy Aden, persuaded her sister to taste a dropper full of the afterbirth mixed with liquor. Tia almost reneged when she saw “residue” in the mixture, but in the end, she took it like a G. While most of us were probably gagging at the thought of swallowing another woman’s placenta, Tia admitted that “it wasn’t half-bad.”

On Style Network’s website she wrote:

“Tasting Tamera’s encapsulated placenta was very interesting! If you think about it too much, you’re not going to like it, because all you’re going to think about is that you’re consuming placenta. But I was really, really surprised that it tasted pretty good mixed with a little bit of alcohol.”

Really Tia? We love them to death, but you’ve gotta draw the line somewhere.

This isn’t the first time the sisters exchanged body fluids. Last season, after giving birth to her son Cree, Tia coerced Tamera into drinking her freshly pumped breast milk.

Tia told Style Network:

“It was definitely Tamera paying me back for making her taste my breast milk. I tasted my own breast milk and I still think my breast milk was sweeter than Tamera’s placenta!”

I guess payback is a … huh, Tia?

This may sound strange and plain gross, but apparently eating your placenta after delivering a child has it benefits. It’s thought to be very rich in nutrients like iron and B-12 and also provide postpartum pain relief, stimulate milk production and stabilize hormones.

Nothing like tasting the fruits of your own labor, I guess.

What do you think? Would you throw back a shot of your relative’s placenta or even your own?

While you think on that, check out the clip of Tia tasting the placenta: