Three Badass Women Reppin’ Apple Music

When you put Ava DuVernay behind the camera, you receive a vision embraced with color, flavor and pure flyness.

So when Apple Music, the latest music streaming service, tapped DuVernay to direct a promotional commercial highlighting another advantage of the platform, the self-taught filmmaker went straight for star power and scooped Kerry Washington, Taraji P. Henson and Queen of hip-hop soul, Mary J. Blige to introduce the new “Mixtape Playlist”.

The concept and the quality immediately grabbed attention and it would be no surprise if Apple received a plethora of new subscribers just off the execution.

Here are five reasons why the promo exemplifies Dope!

1. Premiere Date:
Premiering the promotional ad during the 2015 Emmy Awards was ideal timing and a brilliant way to capitalize off of a diverse audience. Not only was the spot marketing Apple, but the individual brands of its leading ladies and the force behind the camera.

2. Taraji, Kerry and Mary!
Well.. duh! How can you not love these women!? All three ladies are beautiful, crazy talented and represent Black Girls Who Rock, authentically and fearlessly.

3. Hair & Style “Fleek” Perfection

Dressed and prepped like the stars they are, Ava made sure the ladies’ hair was laid and the style complemented their personalities while also being attractive to the everyday chic. Fly to the 10th power, yasss!

4. The Music
The music had me at Slick Rick! Diversity was a plus – while the ladies jammed to solid hip-hop classics and R&B favorites, DuVernay’s toss in of Phil Collin’s “I Can Feel It” hit a soulful nerve.

5. The Bad Boy Turn-Up
This moment! Rapping the lyrics to one of the top 90s bangers was everything. The excitement and genuine engagement felt like we were invited to a girls night filled with besties, memories, and loads of fun.

Apple wins with this one!