‘Think Like A Man’ Cast Dishes on Sequel

The gang’s back together again with even more plot twists, even more laughs and, yes, even more Kevin Hart, in Think Like a Man Too—the sequel to the surprising breakout hit of the original screen adaptation based on Steve Harvey’s best-selling book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.

All of the original players return and are reunited in Las Vegas for Michael (Terrence J) and Candace’s (Regina Hall) wedding—which may not get off of the ground thanks in huge part to Ms. Loretta, Michael’s mother played by Jenifer Lewis, and Cedric (Hart) who takes the meaning of “best man” very literally and, as he explains it, from a place of personal experience as he recalls a bachelor party he once threw for a close friend.

“I didn’t really throw him a bachelor party. I threw myself a bachelor party, but disguised it through him,” says Hart. “In actuality, I want everybody to go, ‘Man, Kev, you did it. This was crazy.’ Cedric is that guy. He wants the guys to look at him and go, ‘Man, Cedric you are amazing.’ It’s all coming from a selfish place for him.”

We see all of the other relationships develop as well this time around with newlywed syndrome, promiscuous pasts and career versus love matters all coming to the table in the most imposing and hilarious of fashions.

“The best challenge in the world is trying to outdo yourself. We did such a good job with part one, part two was a no-brainer,” Hart explains of the entire cast returning for the sequel. “We’re not co-workers, we’re friends. Almost family.”

“To be paid to hang out with your friends, I don’t know anybody who would have turned that deal down,” adds Gabrielle Union, who plays Kristen in the film. “We just genuinely enjoy each other.”

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