Spoof Alert: White Cast Tackles “The Wiz”

NBC’s The Wiz Live! hit major rankings, drawing 11.5 million viewers when it premiered in December. However, while most were overjoyed and singing along to the soulful production, the good was met with the ugliness of bigotry.

Yeah that really happened. The failed attempt at reverse racism totally missed the point and quite frankly, anyone who utilized their energy to question the existence of the all-Black production should be embarrassed.

But in case they didn’t learn their lesson back then, there’s another teachable moment. F-Comedy, the digital extension of Fusion TV, just released The Whizz– a hilarious spoof, recreating the stage version with an all-White cast.

The corniness, the affirmative action insert and the classic casting of one Black guy hired from “craigslist”sets the stage and delivers. But check it out and let us know what you think.

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