The Teaser For Season 7 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Finally Here & It’s A Chilling Warning

Game of Thrones is FINALLY headed back to HBO after some significant delays, and the new teaser trailer proves that all of this anticipation just might be worth the wait. Winter is finally here! For nearly a year now, we’ve been waiting to see what will become of our favs since all of Westeros is in shambles. Cersei is perched firmly on the Iron Throne so we all know, no good can come of that.  It looks like it’s going to be up to Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen to finally right this world in the middle of one of the most treacherous winters Westeros will ever see.

Earlier this month, HBO dropped their first Game of Thrones season seven mini-teaser, and they finally gave us a release date. In a dramatic block of melting ice shaped like a dragon, we learned that GoT will be returning to us on Sunday, July 16th.

However, this new teaser gives us something else entirely. In the promo which is titled, “Long Walk,” we watch Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister approaching different versions of the Iron Throne. Jon is seen walking through the halls of Winterfell, Cersei strolls through the halls of King’s Landing, while Daenerys Targaryen is apparently back at her family’s home in Dragonstone. The trailer has no dialogue, but as it ends, we pan out into the icy blue eye of the Night King, the leader of the White Walkers.

After some pesky leaks in previous seasons, we don’t know too much about the seventh season of the much-beloved series. However, we do know that unlike past seasons of GoT which have been 10-episodes long, this one will only have a total of 7 episodes. Showrunner David Benioff has also been vocal about the show heading towards its conclusion after the eighth season. He has stated, “…we are heading toward the endgame.”

Are you ready for winter?