The Revival: Bow Wow and JD Together Again

Producer, DJ and occasional rapper, Jermaine Dupri (JD) has nurtured and watched Shad Moss, b.k.a. Bow Wow grow from a young pup to a man, father, successful actor and entertainment personality.

The connection has always been the music.

And though Bow rocked with the Cash Money label for a while, he recently announced his departure from the camp and his reconnect with JD and Snoop – the men responsible for launching his career.

It was also an era and union that made sure Bow’s records rested in the airwaves and he was musically visible – something that was rare while under the Cash Money emblem.

In a video, Bow promised that new music was on the way and his fans would not be disappointed. The duo’s latest offering is ‘WYA? (Where You At) set to land on JD’s upcoming project.

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