The Premiere Date For John Singleton’s ‘Snowfall’ Will Add Sizzle To Your Summer

John Singleton’s new FX series Snowfall finally got a release date, and it’s definitely going to heat up your summer.

Set in the summer of 1983, Snowfall follows the crack epidemic from its origins in South Central, Los Angeles before it spread across the country, bringing the Black community to its knees. With newcomer Damson Idris starring as Franklin Saint, a young street entrepreneur on a quest for power at the center of this story, it’s bound to give a whole new generation a distinct vantage point on exactly went down.

FX announced today that the series will premiere on Wednesday, July 5th at 10 PM ET/PT. Earlier this year at the Television Critics Association, Singleton said, “If you went to South Central [before the crack epidemic], there weren’t any bars on windows; there were less fences. This happens, and Snowfall prevails on neighborhoods, changing alliances and families.” Snowfall’s executive producer and showrunner, Dave Andron said of the series, “People described the period like a bomb being dropped.”

Academy Award-nominated Singleton is a Los Angeles native who grew up during this period and saw how everything went down first hand, so obviously with him at the helm; Snowfall is going to be as authentic as possible. After all, his 1991 classic Boyz N the Hood still holds up after all of this time.

Thus far, FX has ordered 10-episodes of the series, but since it’s giving us The Wire vibes, we can certainly see it sticking around for much longer.

Check out the most recent promos below.

Will you be watching Snowfall when it drops on FX this summer?