The ONE Goddess You Should Know On ‘American Gods’

After sixteen years, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods is finally coming to life on Starz, but there is one Goddess who shines above the rest.

In the highly anticipated series that follows the war between the old and the new Gods, Yetide Badaki sizzles as Bilquis the Goddess of love. Though Bilquis is only present in one chapter of Gaiman’s 500 plus page book, Badaki’s vibrant and sensual Bilquis stretches across the entire series. As one of the old Gods who has lost so much, Bilquis is searching for a way to be worshiped once more.

In perhaps one of the most stand-out scenes in the book, Bilquis devours a man with her vagina. (Yes, you read that correctly.) American Gods executive producer Bryan Fuller has promised to deliver the scene exactly as it was written. In fact, her stellar audition of that particular scene is what won Badaki her role in the first place. The Nigerian-born actress has been working in Hollywood for nearly a decade, but her role as Bilquis is a spectacular breakthrough.

Badaki adores sci-fi and fantasy, and she has been a major fan of American Gods since Gaiman’s engrossing novel hit bookshelves back in 2001. She recently spoke with Shadow and Act saying, “I think like a lot of people when I read the book I was like “Who is she?!” Then, by the time I was already in she was gone!” But, doing it in a beautiful slow burn kind of way, you get to slowly learn about this character and where she’s come from. You start to get hints of where she may be going and her integral part in this war between the old and the new gods. So it’s going to be fun.”

With thespian Ian McShane and British actor Ricky Whittle at the center of this story as Mr. Wednesday and Shadow Moon respectively, we are in for bloodbath of epic proportions. Are you ready?

American Gods will debut on Starz on Sunday, April 30th at 9 PM ET.