The Game Sued For Assaulting Cop

I guess men will be men.

Hip-hop star, The Game, will suffer consequences after punching cop, Onyebuchi Awaji, in the head during a game of basketball.

According to TMZ Sports, a lawsuit was filed Monday by the off-duty cop claiming that the rapper caused him to suffer brain damage as a result of the assault.

The two were playing in a basketball contest at Hollywood High School when alleged elbows were thrown, causing Game to sucker-punch Awaiji in the face.

The rapper claims the jab was self-defense because he felt threatened by the cop. allegedly, the officer was harassing the 35-year-old rapper during game-play, and threatened that he had a gun in his bag.

Awaiji claims he did nothing to provoke him or instigate an altercation.

The Game fled from the high school gym immediately before the police arrived. The incident is currently under investigation.

This definitely seems way more juicy than March Madness. Full blown fight or self-defense? Let us know what you think.

See the incident below: