The Game and Meek Mill Beef Heats Up

Word on the streets (social media) is that The Game and Meek Mill are beefing. According to TMZ, The Game is placing blame on Meek Mill for snitching on him to Sean Kingston’s camp after a robbery occurred in a night club in Los Angeles back in June. Both Meek Mill and The Game were in the club when Kingston was hit in the head with a bottle and relieved of his $300,000 chain.

Last night in a club in Miami, The Game called out Meek Mill for snitching on him. He had a few choice words for Meek and the incident that happened months ago.


Earlier this morning The Game’s crew was caught in a shooting. Police report a mustang drove by their hotel and shot into an empty Mercedes-Benz which was parked near vehicles belonging to The Game and his crew.

Meek Mill posted, but later deleted, an Instagram post addressing The Game’s claims.


The Game went straight to the booth as Meek Mill suggested and let out a canon straight at Meek called “92 Bars”. Yikes, The Game went in.

Not only did he “drop bars” but he is also on a roll with the Instagram fingers.

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Who knows how long this beef will last. But, we pray that The Game decides to “End the Violence” per his march in Los Angeles with Snoop dog to meet with the LAPD this past July. Interesting to see how this plays out.