The Breathtaking Way ‘OITNB’ Is Celebrating Poussey

Orange Is the New Black is set to kick off its fifth season on June 9th, but with the shocking death of Poussey, we’re not sure what to expect.

Many fans of Orange Is the New Black were horrified and devastated when Samira Wiley’s Poussey lost her life at the hands of an inexperienced guard at Litchfield prison. Her death shined a significant light on the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement and the horrors of police brutality. However, many fans are still mourning the loss of the series fan favorite, and Netflix has decided to pay homage to her.

In her honor, Netflix has commissioned a series of murals of Poussey that will be displayed in cities across the globe. The cities will include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Melbourne, Sydney, Detroit, and San Francisco. The exact locations of the pieces are not yet known, but we do have a sneak peak of a few of them.

All of the murals will carry an Orange is the New Black hashtag along with the words “Stand Up.”

Upon learning that her character would be receiving such a huge memorial, Wiley told the Associated Press “I think it’s our responsibility as artists to be able to reflect the time that we’re living in. She’s a fictional character that can elicit real change in thought and action from people.”

Orange is the New Black is set to return to Netflix on June 9th and the season picks up right where season four left off. It will take place over the course of three days during the riot that begins after Poussey’s death.

Until then, you can watch Samira Wiley on her new series, The Handmaid’s Tale which premieres on Hulu today.