The ‘Black Panther’ Cast Doing The #GetOutChallenge Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

The Black Panther cast is woke AF and as a result, the film is going to be legendary. From the superb all-Black cast that includes everyone from Michael B. Jordan, Angela Bassett and Lupita Nyong’o to director Ryan Coogler who brought us visionary films like Fruitvale Station and and Creed, Black Panther is going to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In case you didn’t know, Get Out‘s Daniel Kaluuya will also be joining in on all of the Wakandan festivities.

Jordan Peele’s feature film debut Get Out has been the talk of the entertainment industry since it was released earlier this year, and it looks like Kaluuya has gotten his Black Panther cast mates in the mix with the #GetOutChallenge. In the clip, Kaluuya reprises his role of Chris. We see him waiting outside in the parking lot. However, after seeing various members of the Black Panther cast and crew running towards him, he walks off immediately with Childish Gambino’s “Red Bone” playing in the background. This is what Chris should have done in Get Out. After all, we all know, if you see Black people running away from something you better pick your feet up and get the hell out of there. Lupita Nyong’o posted the video to her Facebook page.

The Ultimate #getoutchallenge is when #danielkaluuya is down to play! #blackpanther cast #bts shenanigans #ChrisMakesACameo #cantgetenoughofit. Celebrating Get Out MTV awards nominations!

Posted by Lupita Nyong'o on Saturday, April 8, 2017

Black Panther will be released in theaters early next year. Following the events of Captain America: Civil War and the death of his father, T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) returns home to Wakanda only to find his dual role of king and protector challenged by a long-time adversary, Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) in a conflict that has global consequences. In the film, Daniel Kaluuya stars as W’kabi, Black Panther’s best friend and confidant.

The film is set to hit theaters February 16, 2018. Until then, #StayWoke.