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Listen: The Black Opera Drops African America

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Wake up ’cause “Blackness don’t stop.”

These words rotated in my head as I listened to the latest project from Detroit’s own, The Black Opera – comprised of lyricists Jamall Bufford and Magestik Legend.

The theatrical hip-hop duo ring alarms with African America – a socio-politically charged body of work that addresses Blackness in America and promises to lead our culture to a land of freedom by way of providing truth.

Lyrically, the music is on a mission to connect listeners to their ancestry.

African America is the story of a people that feel lost, a people that don’t feel welcome in their place of birth,” states a release sent to JET.

“This is where Black Americans currently exist; a place where the laws and law enforcement don’t seem to serve or protect them. African America can be viewed as an actual plea to build a new home, or just to relocate mentally.”

In between powerful bars, the listener is reminded of the senseless deaths of Black men, women and boys through brief interludes that engage conscious thought and  reenact reactions to the various killings of  Black people.

Aesthetically, the music is dark but enlightening in a way that challenges you to review Black history in a deeply White America.

African America forces you to revisit your lineage as well as that of the country, to further understand systemic oppression while also inviting us to claim our space on this land.

It goes deep.

Check out the title track, “African America” and their single “Black Frankenstein” below.

The entire project is dope, no doubt. But, I’ll still drop a few tracks that are must-listens:

Track 3 – Holy Ghost
Track 7 – Pardon
Track 8 – Beautiful City
Track 11- Hashtag Stay Woke
Track 13 – Positive Vibes Only

African America is available on iTunes.

LaToya “Toi” Cross is the Senior Editor/ Entertainment and Culture  for  EBONY, and You can catch this laughing creative sharing work, art and capturing life via her iPhone 6 via her handle of @ToizStory on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.