The Beyoncé Restaurant Meme Is Here, It’s Happening

Beyoncé is currently taking some much deserved time off from making music and touring as she gets ready for the arrival of her twins, but that hasn’t stopped her from being memified.

Though Queen Bey won’t be giving us a sequel to Lemonade or lighting up any stages anytime soon, that hasn’t stopped the diva from getting out and about with her family and close friends. Earlier this week, Mrs. Knowles-Carter attend a lavish birthday party for Roc Nation Senior Vice President Lenny Santiago at Beauty & Essex in Los Angeles. As the “Formation” singer leaned in to tell the waitress her order, someone snapped a pic, and the rest is history.

In the photo, a glowing Beyoncé donning golden cornrows and draped in red (with an added red lip) is seen pointing out her food choice to the waitress. Though this might seem innocent enough, the Beyhive went crazy. As a result, the hilarious Beyoncé restaurant meme arrived, and it’s clearly here to stay.

One fan wanted everyone to know that the Queen pays for her order and her order alone.

Another wanted to assure all concerned parties that Blue Ivy has her own purse and credit cards at her disposal.

Meanwhile, this fan simply wanted to remind us that Bey invented lemonade.

And finally, another fan was adamant about Beyoncé and the twins having separate brunch orders.

We’re so thrilled about Bey and Jay-Z’s blessings, but we are obviously going through withdrawals without our Queen. We guess we’ll just be inventing memes and making shrines to Lemonade for the next year or so.