‘That’s So Raven’ Is Getting a Reboot

Is it too late for Raven-Symone to redeem her Black card?

We grew up listening to Raven rhyme, “That’s What Little Goes Are Made Of.” We saw her go on to portray the adorable “Olivia” in The Cosby Show, where she won our hearts with her witty demeanor. Needless to say she was so cute.

But it was the Disney series, That’s so Raven, that brought her into our homes for a half-hour of wacky fun and cautionary visions. Yep, from the catchy theme song to her three-person crew that included Eddie Thomas (Orlando Brown) and Chelsea Daniels (Anneliese van der Pol), the show was a must watch.

As Raven grew up, she made us laugh more. But then the laughing stopped once she joined The View as a co-host. Things went a little left and we were scared that she’d never return. Brief refreshers can be found here and here.

Now, during Thursday’s airing of The View, Raven made a big announcement that could possibly regain interest from the now 20 and 30-somethings who grew up with That’s So Raven.

It’s getting a reboot!  The View co-host stated that the revival will star Raven as a single mother of two and one of them will learn they have visions.

Check out her excitement and full dish of the concept below.

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Definitely diggin’ this idea!