#ThankUObama: Chance the Rapper Honors Barack

Chance the Rapper wants the world to know that he appreciates the nation’s 44th president. So much that he released #ThankUObama, a fashion line dedicated to Barack Obama and the former First Family.

The clothing line was created and designed by Joe Fresh Goods, and was made available to the public on Jan. 20.

“With this project I wanted to timestamp a period in my life where I felt like I can do whatever I wanted to do and be whatever I wanted to be,” Chance wrote on his site. “The night Obama won his first term gave me so much hope, especially & most importantly as a Black man. I decided to make a collection saying ‘thank you’ and give me something to smile at every now and then when I look in the closet.”

Chance announced his collaboration with Joe Fresh Goods on the project via Twitter Thursday.

The fashion line also includes T-shirts featuring the Obama family as a whole. There’s one with Malia Obama’s name on it, as well as a shirt with “Barack N Michelle” written in Black and pink graffiti with their anniversary date.

Click here to check out the full line.