Terrence J’s Hollywood dreams

106 & Park host Terrence J is looking to become a leading man. /Photo by Fernando Leon/PictureGroup/ via AP

By// Avis Weathersbee

Terrence J is ready for the next phase.

The endgame for the TV personality, who has become a fixture in countless households as one of the likeable hosts on BET’s 106 & Park, is to take his turn on the big screen.

He had a featured role in the spring’s hit comedy, Think Like a Man, and has followed that success with an appearance — albeit a modest one — in the new movie, Sparkle, a remake of the 1976 cautionary tale of a girl group with dreams of stardom.

“Acting and being a leading man in Hollywood is my aspiration,” he told in the days leading up to the release of Sparkle. In the film, directed by Salim Akil, Terrence plays the nightclub owner who introduces the trio of would-be divas to the world.

How did he become part of the ensemble cast for the music-filled drama? The straight-forward actor says, “(I) worked with Mara (Brock Akil, who co-wrote and produced) and Salim before on The Game, so I just hounded them about it.” He got an audition, and later, the call.

Terrence was passionate about wanting to be part of the remake. He says, “I loved the original (movie),” but this one has significant plot differences on what happens with the character, Sister. (It’s) a fresh take.”

And given that the first Sparkle came out six years before he was born, Terrence is pleased to see the next-gen incarnation: “I think for the younger generation who didn’t get a chance to see the original, it’s a great way for us to pay homage to our history.”

And though his transition from his hosting role to role playing may appear seamless, that’s not necessarily a safe assumption. “Some people say acting comes easy; for me acting is really something I have to work at and learn from good directors,” he says.

The actor, whose next movie role is in Battle of the Year, seems to be quickly moving beyond the bounds of his day job — he’s leaving 106 & Park this year — and closer to his own sparkling dreams of stardom.

“You just want to learn and grow and get as much time on the set with great actors (as possible).”//