Teena Marie’s Daughter Debuts First Track

Teena Marie was a true power vocalist.

The way she ripped through tunes like “Fire and Desire” alongside Rick James and made us groove with ‘Square Biz’ remains legendary in the history of great music.  Her death and subsequent loss of her signature sound, equally epic.

The blue-eyed soul diva was working on her 14th studio album at the time of her passing in 2010. Her daughter, Alia Rose helped put the final touches on her mother’s album, Beautiful.

Now, after a break from music and the industry, Alia Rose is back with her first single and making a name for her sound. Enter “Without You” off of her forthcoming album, Peace of Mind.

In an interview with Complex, the singer shared: “It came together really fast. Farbod [Jamali] just started playing the piano and I just knew that it was magical.”

Take a listen to the track and let us know if you’ll be adding this to your playlist!  In short: Did Alia get it from her mama?