Teedra Moses Releases Video for “SkinDiver”

Teedra Moses SkinDiver Video

Teedra Moses makes you want to fall in love. If it’s not her voice, it’s her style, her energy, her approach to songwriting – there are so many things to choose from. Now the songstress is giving us another opportunity to follow our hearts with her new video, “SkinDiver”.

“SkinDiver” is the latest single from her album Cognac & Conversation, released in 2015 as a follow-up to her immediate classic debut, Complex Simplicity.

“Cognac & Conversation is music that’s meant to be light-hearted at times while deep in other moments,” explains Teedra in a statement sent to JET. “It’s meant to be comforting and relatable but at the same time thought provoking and inspiring. The conversation and vibe could be with yourself, the home girls, or your lover.”

The black and white visual displays Teedra in all of her greatness: chill vibes, a good time and dope energy. Watch the video below.


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