Sneak Peek: Taye Diggs On ‘Steve Harvey’

Remember when Taye Diggs caught fire for stating he didn’t want his son to be forced to choose between his Black and white heritage?

The actor is speaking out on an upcoming episode of Steve Harvey. Talking parenthood, racial identity and his children’s book, Mixed Me, which sparked the controversy, the 45-year-old elaborates on raising a biracial son, the challenges that come with it and responding to social media thugs.

“When anybody talks about my son, I want to beat somebody’s ass so quick,” he admitted. “So I really have to figure out where this is coming from. They don’t have the courage. I think they are unhappy, sad, angry frustrated people who hide behind a computer and say whatever. It disgusts me.”

Watch the clips below, and peep the full conversation when it airs Wednesday, March 30. Check your local listings for times.