Taye Diggs Catches Heat For Race Comments

When actor Taye Diggs set out to promote his new book, Mixed Me!, we can almost guarantee he wasn’t expecting the backlash that followed some of his comments.

Taye and “Let it Go” singer, Idina Menzel were married for years and out of that marriage, they gave birth to a son.

This sets the premise for Taye’s book, which addresses the topic of being biracial and encourages children to embrace their identity without being boxed in.

During an interview with The Grio, Diggs expressed that he doesn’t want his child to be forced to choose his Black or his White heritage.

“I think when you do, you risk disrespecting one half of who you are. That’s my fear. I don’t want my son to be in a situation where he calls himself Black and everyone thinks he has a Black father and a Black mother.”

And that is where the darts started to fly his way on social media with two opposing views.

There’s THIS:

And then we have…

But regardless of what folks had to say, Taye shot back and stood his ground.

What are your thoughts on Taye’s comments? Do you understand where he’s coming from or disagree, completely?

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