Taraji P. Henson Shuts Down ‘N-Word’ on Empire

Taraji P. Henson reps hard for the Lyon family and the success of FOX’s Empire but she is not for the “N-word.”

While her co-star Terrance Howard feels that incorporating the term into the show will offer a more authentic street feel, Henson and writer David Rambo are choosing to keep their distance from the term, according to a TMZ photographer.

Realistically, the music industry bombards its lyrical content with the phrase and with Empire working as a mirror to the business behind the music, Howard’s POV is understandable, but it could cause more harm than progressive good — regardless of its restructured meaning.

The drama-filled show has been a huge success for its relatable and taboo story lines, talented cast and innovative marketing approach, would the weight of the n-word push an even bigger agenda than what the show has managed without its use?

What are your thoughts on this? Would using the n-word bring more authenticity to Empire or is the show a growing success without it?

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