Take Kanye With You

Kanye West will soon have one more thing in common with his wife Kim Kardashian. No, he will not have a hit reality show on E! (yet),  but an app made in his honor will launch soon.

Sid Kandan and Carlos Roque have created a free iOS app called Ye.i. The app allows you to interact with a digital fun-sized Kanye West.

Although the app is still in development, creators say it will include a feed of the rapper’s latest tweets, infamous Kanye quotes, and a digital short Yeezy who walks back and fourth in neutral clothing.


Users interact with the blank-faced Kanye Avatar by clicking on him. Click his hand and his mic drops.

Will Yeezy’s app be as big as wifey Kim Kardashian’s app? Only time will tell.

You can download the app for free here.