T.I. Talks Police Brutality and Lyrical Content

Rap and hip-hop have always, essentially, been a lyrical representation of life and circumstance – the curves, social injustices and hardships coming from the gutters of nothingness to rising heights of potential.

Sure, the content comes across harsh and vulgar at times – but isn’t that how we feel life hits us, sometimes?

Atlanta rapper, Kap G released a song earlier this month called “La Policia” where he called on fellow down South artists, T.I. and David Banner to address the recent cases and deaths of Eric Garner, Mike Brown and many others who have lost their lives at the hands of police.

Controversial in tone and lyrical content, while pointing out their experiences, the men come to a culminating ideology of ‘F, the police’ until justice is served.

Take a listen, below. (*NSFW)

Where we are in society, today, is a space where aggression is at high-levels and sitting down and exchanging angered stories is no longer going to sustain emotions. Action is happening – from marches and rallies to artist and entertainers expressing their disdain for police brutality and social injustices.

During a CNN interview with Don Lemon, T.I. and Kap G were confronted with the lyrics of ‘La Policia’ and questioned if they would encourage hostile actions toward police.

T.I. responded in relation to the essence of hip-hop, “If you don’t like our lyrics, then change the circumstances that inspire them.”

Check out the conversation below:

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