Syleena Johnson Previews ‘R&B Divas Atlanta’

Well this is a bittersweet blog. Bitter because this is the last episode of R&B Divas Atlanta season 3, which also happened to be my favorite season. And sweet because it ends in true love displayed before us all in Monifah and Terez’s wedding.

This episode spotlights Monifah and all of her wedding day ups and downs, as well as all of the divas and their loved ones enjoying the beautiful island of Hawaii.

Unfortunately, my surfing fiasco led to several wipeouts, but I had a great time trying. It was super scary, but I can say I went surfing before and won’t EVER do it again. I bumped my foot on a reef and it scarred up and bled. That was so for the birds! We all had a great time at the luau and we all looked to Angie and Ashanti to give us a yay, or nah! Ha. Either way, love was in the air until Keke and Angie get into it for yet ANOTHER finale. Can u say dejavu?

Well, tune inWednesday, June 25 at 10pm ET on TV One to find out why and see love in its true form! 😉

Thank you guys for watching! Be sure to tune in to the reunion specials hosted by the one and only Wendy Williams airing on July 2 and July 9 at 10pm/ET on TV One. How you doin’?!

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