Syleena Johnson Previews ‘R&B Divas Atlanta’

This week is drama, drama, drama!!

We have rehearsals for the “Divas One Night Only” show in Los Angeles and once again, LaTavia is the focus. Angie tries to encourage her to sing and it takes a turn for the left. Basically, her heart is in the right place, but LaTavia is still not buying what Angie is selling. LaTavia is fed up and walks right out of the rehearsal, leaving us with yet another rehearsal with no rehearsal.

Then I discover that Angie takes a tour date that was brought to the table by my management that was suppose to be for the both of us without telling me. SMH, apparently I just cannot escape tour drama! Hey, don’t get me wrong, I promote a diva trying to get her coins, but dang, you could have let a sister know before you took the date, so I wouldn’t be surprised. Sometimes it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Well, the story plays out quite interesting and I can tell you that I was very hurt.  But, instead of me blowing up and going crazy, I decided to get my things and walk out.  But not without saying a few words that didn’t add up at all! Hahahahaha Child, I was searching for the right pieces to the puzzle, but because I respect Angie, I didn’t know how to respond.

The last time I had respect for women in this setting, it didn’t go well. So, I decided to leave and gather my thoughts. Besides, the other divas didn’t know about it and I think it would have looked shady to bring it up in front of them. Monifah is also struggling with her feelings about Angie and it all comes out at the last Nohearsal.

Tune in tonight; Wednesday, June 4 at 10 p.m. ET on TV ONE to see how all of the drama unfolds. Follow me on Twitter for live tweeting at @Syleena_Johnson and hashtag #RBDivasATL. I’m also on Facebook at Syleena Johnson Official, where you can also get all the juicy commentary on this week’s episode. It’s a good one that you won’t want to miss!