Sway Calloway Backs Police Brutality Film

Sway Calloway is known for his radio and television interviews with some of the greatest entertainers and activists of our time.

Now, the journalist has stepped behind the camera to help produce a chilling short film about police brutality entitled The Cycle.

The 12-minute clip, directed by Michael Marantz, illustrates the damaging effects racial profiling and stereotyping have on communities.

“We are talking about the cycle. We are talking about things that happen in the past that keep on happening and why they keep on happening,” says Marantz. “For me a huge part of that is this emotion and this feeling of fear and what fear compels people to do.”

The movie will premiere at the Urban World Film Festival on Friday, Sept. 25. Calloway and members of the cast will stick around for a Q&A session afterwards.

Check out the trailer bel0w.