Watch: Surviving Compton: Dre’, Suge and Michel’le

“Why would Dre put me in it? I was just a quiet girlfriend who got beat on and told to sit down and shut up.”

This was singer Michel’le’s response during a Vlad TV interview when asked why she wasn’t included in the narrative in the box-office hit, Straight Outta Compton

The film, which documented the impact of Los Angeles group N.W.A. gained praise from ticket buyers and critics. However, scrutiny surrounded Dr. Dre and his abusive ways toward women. Michel’le opened the dialogue and now she’s turned her experience as the girlfriend of Dre and Suge Knight into the docu-film Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge and Michel’le.

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In the intense trailer, we see Michel’le wowing the fellas in the studio with power vocals. But then what started out as sweet turned sour when another scene highlights Dre getting violently aggressive with the singer in the recording booth.

Take a look below.

Catch the biopic when it premieres on Lifetime, Oct. 15.

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