Sundance Film Shares Jordan Davis Story

Filmmaker Marc Silver is delivering a poignant, and much-needed, story with his latest documentary, 3 1/2 Minutes.

With its Sundance Film Festival 2015 premiere, the film documents the 2012 murder of unarmed Black teenager Jordan Davis, who was shot 10 times by Michael Dunn, who is White, and was upset about Davis and his friends music in a gas station parking lot.

This case along with the heart wrenching stories of Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin have unified many with the hashtag #blacklivesmatter. It’s a cry for better days and valuing life- regardless of race.

3 1/2 Minutes also examines the flaws and dangers of Florida’s Stand Your Ground self-defense laws while weaving in Dunn’s trial, public opinion and the experiences of Davis’ parents going in and out of the courtroom.

Watch the trailer, below:

Learn more about the documentary and filmmaker, HERE.