Summer Fashion With Celebrity Stylist Rosie Philidor

By// Quassan Castro Rosieinsert

Rosie Philidor’s styling game is flawless. Some stylists enter the world of fashion and glitz, but are not able to keep reinventing significant styles. Philidor has held her stylista crown for several years now. The Haitian born styling maverick has worked with Ne-yo, Nas, Jeezy, T.I., Jay Z, Ciara, Swizz Beatz, Meek Mill and famed actor Idris Elba. At any given time you might find Philidor perfecting swags at the MTV Music Award or taking flight to LA to appear on the red carpet of the posh Golden Globes.

Jet Magazine online recently caught up with Philidor for some exclusive fashion tips for the summer.

What ‘s hot in fashion for the ladies for summer 2013?

Philidor: The trends for spring and summer 2013 are fun vibrant prints, black and white, monochrome tones (wearing a bold solid color from head to toe) and leather fit for warm weather. Designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Alexander Wang are a testament of these trends. You can find less expensive alternatives at boutiques such as H&M, Zara and Top Shop.

What’s hot in fashion for the men this summer?

Philidor: Leather details and accents, pops of color, camouflage, cargos, the double-breasted jacket and metallic tones. There’s so much to play with! Menswear is becoming as fun as women’s wear!

Bow ties were fashionable in the fall, are they in or out for the summer?

Philidor: Bow ties are a great timeless accessory that’s been trending. You can wear bow ties all year around. Off course the texture and prints will change with the seasons. It’s a great accessory to spruce up your attire!

From where do you draw your styling inspiration?

Philidor: I draw my styling inspiration from various people and places like the runway collections to street fashion and past eras of fashion from the 20’s to 80’s.

What separates your work from that of other stylists?

Philidor: I think most stylists have their own signature. For me I would say that tailoring and timeless classic styling is what I love the most, clean lines and a custom fit. I want people to see my work many years from now and feel it’s current and not dated.

Share something we might not know about one of your celebrity clients?

Philidor: Idris is extremely humble and down to earth. When I share with him how much people love him as an actor, he’s always shocked.

You see celebrities as they dress plenty of times. Who has the better chest and buns Nas, Jay Z, T.I. or Idris? (Laughs)


Philidor: Is that a rhetorical question? (Smiles) come on you know the answer to that! All my clients have great physical attributes, but I would have to give that prize to Idris!

Quassan Castro is a news and entertainment journalist.