Styles P Addresses Daughter’s Suicide

So often, we hear “you never know what a person is going through.” And the statement couldn’t be more true.

Life, as precious as it can be, is without a doubt hard, adverse and obstacle-filled.

And the ease of putting on a mask to disguise what ever is felt on the inside is claiming the emotions of so many. This leads in some cases, to suicide.

Recently, Styles P of the rap group The Lox, spilled his heart on social media as it related to the suicide of his daughter, last month.

Through the lengthy post, the former Bad Boy artist, expresses the importance of family and making sure that amid the luxuries and materialistic items of life, it means nothing if you fail to keep family and loved ones above all.

Reflect on the message and if needed, make the appropriate adjustments.

Read Styles’ full post, HERE.