Stream: Tiara Thomas is ‘Up In Smoke’

Singer-songwriter, Tiara Thomas has re-emerged with her nine-song EP, Up In Smoke.

If you’re unfamiliar with the lyrically-blunt singer, the 25-year-old caught mainstream attention with her lust-driven, but vocally raw and honest hook on Wale’s “Bad” single, released in 2013.

Following her quick blow up and various TV performances, the Indianapolis artist signed with Interscope Records.

Now, rolling independent for the sake of creative control, Up In Smoke showcases Tiara’s ability to rock vocal styles from dark and soulful to bubbly while keeping her lyrics real to the core. On the EP, the singer isn’t afraid to expose her vulnerability. When listening, the creativity catches your attention but the music, melody and storytelling puts you in a chill, reflective state.

It’s no doubt that Tiara is talented, and this project is probably only showing the tip of how far her creativity can go.

Give it a listen and let us know if it’s one to add to your playlist!