Stop Everything & Watch ‘Conversating While Black’ With Your BFF

Conversating While Black is the new Blavity web-series that reminds you of everything you’ve ever discussed with your BFF.

Tackling a ton of topics that are often at the center of millennials minds like, haters, hypermasculinity and baby daddies, Conversating While Black goes there and the series in unapologetic about it. Though the series is both humorous and intriguing, it’s not afraid to tell you about yourself. For many of us, conversations amongst other young Black people can be the perfect safe space. We all know how tiring dealing with microaggressions in public is and how often we might need to vent about the things happening in our community. Though our friends can offer us some significant insight on certain subjects, sometimes it’s the blind leading the blind.

In Conversating While Black, an idea is presented at the beginning of each episode and multiples sides of an argument are shown. Once all angles are discussed in a very frank and real conversation, you just might be rethinking or adjusting your original position. If nothing else, the episodes will certainly give you something to talk about when you’re just lounging around with your friends, family or bae.

With some familiar faces and some newcomers including, MaameYaa Boafo, Andrea Lewis, Damian Norfleet, Skyler James and DeShawn White, it’s the perfect series to sink your teeth into. You might just be surprised about the things you reconsider.

With eight episodes already available to binge on Blavity, you can get through this quick and witty series in no time.