Steve Harvey Interviews Michael Brown’s Mother

It will be an emotional hour on Steve Harvey’s talk show as Lesley McSpadden, mother of slain teen Michael Brown, joins the show for an in-depth conversation about her loss and how to overcome grief.

Michael Brown was 18-years-old, unarmed and a week away from entering college when he was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson, in Ferguson, MO. The fatal shooting, where Brown’s body laid in the middle of the street for quite some time was the leading factor in weeks of protests and unrest throughout the month of August.

In a sneak peak of the episode sent to JET, Mrs. McSpadden expresses, “Most people grieve in silence. I haven’t had any silence. I haven’t had any time to myself. I haven’t had any time to grieve at all.”

The death of her son has caused a racial uproar, drawing attention to the fractured, sometimes fatal relationship between Black youth and police.

Harvey shares the following with McSpadden: “This is an unimaginable pain and I want you to know that there are lots of people, millions of people across this country – of all colors and faiths, who are praying for you. That your son’s life was not in vain.”

The episode, which will also have a clinical psychologist on board, airs September 30.  Check your local listings for time and channel, by visiting